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One of my worst sex nightmares is breaking someone’s penis. The cracking sound, the discoloration, and, most likely, the screams are the stuff of horror movies.

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Apr 18, 2018 · Story highlights “Penile fracture” refers to the rupture of a sponge-like tissue in the penis; There are over 1,300 cases of penile fracture in medical literature

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Une des craintes de certains hommes est de se blesser au pénis lors de contacts sexuels ou pire, d’avoir une fracture pénienne. Certaines séries-télé ou films ont pu véhiculer ou entretenir certains mythes concernant ces blessures.

RISKY BUSINESS Can you break a man’s penis during sex? The positions most likely to cause a penile fracture revealed

La fracture du pénis est une rupture de l’albuginée et des corps caverneux du pénis.Elle survient lorsqu’une pression anormalement importante est exercée sur un pénis en érection, l’amenant à trop se courber.

Ouch! Can You Really Break Your Penis? The penile condition recently featured on the TV medical drama Grey’s Anatomy is real and, sorry guys (and teens), not uncommon

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Penile Fracture(Broken Penis) – What is it? Symptoms, Signs, Pictures, Causes, Treatment, Surgery, Riskfactors, Prevention. It is a fracture of penis …

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The experts at WebMD explain various types of bone fractures, including their various complications.

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A Mayo Clinic specialist explains what might cause a penis fracture.

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